The First Steps to a Sucessful Move

Congradulations a new job! You start in two weeks and oh by the way you have to move to Texas. What, no one said anything about moving. Guess what, it’s time to MOVE.   On the phone, honey guess what. Pack up the kids, we’re moving to Texas. What? Yes I said Texas!  UHG.. Now what ?

This is where we come in. We’re here to help. NO we don’t work for ANY moving companies, but I did a few years back. Actually I worked for 2 moving companies. I’m writting this blog to help you make the move less Stressfull , less painless and to provide you with tips and tricks the movers will never tell you. In essence to save you money and in most cases lots of Money.

So let’s begin shall we? What comes first in this new adventure that we’re about to embark on. First let me say that when it comes to making a move whether it’s local (across town) long distance (across the country) or anywhere in between, the first steps are to get organized. You are about to become the most organized person you know. Your friends will not know who you are. Or better yet who you are about to become. You’ll be more organized for this move then you are when you’re preparing to do your taxes. Let me say that if you’re not organized, you will pay for it, not only in the move process but with your check-book because the movers can smell, see and hear your panic. We will get you organized. Are you ready?                                          If  you have specific question about your upcoming move, leave me a comment.


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